Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quick read to get you over the hump

How to poo at work. Have you ever wondered about this? Wait, wait, before you shudder at my chosen topic and click away, consider the practicality of knowing what your options are. Every employee has encountered at least one of these uncomfortable, pardon the pun, (and potentially job-threatening) situations at work. But every good employee should know how to successful manage these for a smoother experience.

Read on...

The book, "How to Poo at Work" by Mats & Enzo, was a gift  from one of favorite friends (or perhaps he wanted to pass on the knowledge), who in his less unfortunate moments, should have had this in his back pocket for reference. It is aptly subtitled, "The golden rules of relieving yourself in the workplace--don't get caught out!"

I found the entries to be quite practical in solving many potential poo problems. For example:

  • There's not toilet seat
  • There's only one bathroom for 50 people
  • The toilet paper escapes from the stall
  • Your boss enters at the same time as you
  • Caught in the act: how do you reestablish your good name?
  • And a few dozen more real-life scenarios!

The authors have carefully crafted their expert opinion about each scenario, provided testimonials, listed potential dangers, and even judged the difficulty levels in executing the solution.

Get your hands on this book. And get on with your week!

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  1. Oh my! I did shudder, but I kept reading. It is such a real issue for those in a cube farm.