Monday, September 17, 2012

Meatless Monday: Fail

I try on occasion to make Mondays a "Meatless Monday" but as I left the Cube Farm to run errands and search for lunch, a spot that has been on my radar for some time drew me in: Sala Thai on M Street NW. And my hope to go meatless all day failed. There are several Sala Thai locations around the DC area but this one is more like a take-out place rather than a full service lunch restaurant. (Think express buffet style.) This Sala Thai location used to be the Maoz falafel shop (I miss you!) which had a quick life in DC.

From the menu, you can choose combo options (pick your own two, three, etc., from the already prepared dishes stewing under the heat lamp) or you can order a la carte. I had been warned by some Farm colleagues that the serving sizes were generous and so I opted to go with just one option--the green chicken curry . Well, from this picture you may be able to tell that whether you order one--or three--options, you still get the same whopping amount. I guess it's left over green chicken curry lunch all week. Of course, until I get bored and leave the Farm in search of something else.

Oh, and what did I think of the green chicken curry? It was very savory and had a good balance of coconut milk (not too overwhelmingly creamy). The dish was full of chicken, chunks of purple Asian eggplant, and sliced green chilies. The only thing I wished it had was bamboo which is typical in green chicken curry. Next time, if I'm there on a Monday, I'll try their tofu and vegetables dish.

Have you tried this Sala Thai location? What did you think?

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