Friday, September 14, 2012

And we're off to the beach...

Colonial Beach, Va. Sunset (Photo courtesy of 
I love to explore new things, whether it be a new city, restaurant, people, or idea. So, after work today, we (the hubby and I) are dashing off to Colonial Beach, Va. for a much needed weekend of R and R. I had never heard of Colonial Beach until last week. I only came across it when I was researching bed and breakfasts within a couple of hours from Washington, D.C. I must have spent hours scouring the web for ideas, plotted numerous driving directions for the most efficacious trip route (if you have ever tried going over the Chesapeake Bay Bridges on a Friday, you will understand), and read several dozen reviews--before I discovered this hidden gem.

There's a fascinating history about Colonial Beach. It earned its moniker, "Playground on the Potomac," in the 19th century, and was once a very fashionable and go-to gambling destination. The town, nestled between the Potomac River and the Bay, is dotted with Victorian-style structures and is home to nearly 3,300 residents, according to the 2000 census. Also notable is the summer home of Alexander Graham Bell, which is now the Bell House Bed and Breakfast, which also is  THE place where we'll be staying this weekend. (TripAdvisor reviews ranked it #1 so that's more kudos!)

The Bell House Bed and Breakfast (Photo courtesy of
I'm looking forward to exploring this now sleepy town (sleepier than its old moniker implies) and the abundance of history which surrounds it. I have, however, that visitors are starting to come back. Oh, did I mention that it's designated as golf cart town? Yes, it's legal to drive your golf cart all over town! Check back; I'll post pictures of our trip.

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