Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Are you ready to go?

Our trip to Colonial Beach, Va. was great. We didn't make any plans other than lodging and decided to just  go with the flow. I realized quickly that I wasn't going to have cell or wifi service. Which turned out to be fine and helped me unconnect for a couple of days.

Our route took us from Virginia into Maryland and then back into Virginia again. We crossed over the 1.7 miles long Nice Memorial Bridge into King George County and to the region known as the Northern Neck.

We were greeted by Anne, the innkeeper at the Bell House Bed and Breakfast—a Virginia Historic Landmark and National Historic Property and once the summer home of Alexander Graham Bell. She was a fantastic host the entire weekend—welcoming, spunky, and full of information.

We stayed in the Potomac River guest room which faced the widest part of the river and gave us spectacular views of the sunrise.

Potomac River guest room at the historic Bell Inn.
You don't even have to get out of bed to catch the sunrise.

I woke up at 6 a.m. to catch this wicked sunrise. Awesome.

Private pier across from the Bell Inn. It sits on the widest part
of the Potomac River.

And we never had a moment to be hungry!

Anne's Eggs Benedict

Anne's French Toast With Apricots

Are you thinking this was a weekend full of gluttony? Yes, I admit it was, but fortunately we also made a trip to George Washington's Birthplace—a national monument for America’s first president (born in 1732)—located just a short drive from Colonial Beach, Va. on Popes Creek. The birth house burned down on Christmas Day in 1779 and no longer exists except for the foundation. What stands on the plantation today is a home typical of that era and of his family’s economic status.

George Washington's Birthplace National Monument Facing Popes Creek

Sources of Dye in the Weaving House

Tools in the Blacksmith House

Weaving in Action

Dyed Yarn in the Weaving House
The property also is a working farm with a few pigs, a couple of cows, and real tobacco plants. We also visited the nearby beach where the ships would have come in and traded with the Washingtons. Our tour was a walking history lesson. I hope you go!

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