Thursday, September 27, 2012

Over the hump, relax and refill

Now that we're over the hump and on our way to the weekend, here are a few no frills, easy-on-the-schedule (and wallet) options to make sure that the momentum doesn't stop.

Get a no-frills massage at Opt Massage in Oldtown, Alexandria

If you feel that knot on your shoulders or that kink in you neck starting to cramp your style, it's time to make a stop at Opt Massage & Spa. Now, I use the word "Spa" because it's the official name, but don't expert to be pampered  here: You go to Opt Massage to get a massage--you're in, and then you're out. The prices are almost half of what you'll find in this area (59 bux for 1 hour and they have frequency/membership plans which lowers some massages to 39 bux each). So if you want luxury, you'll have to pay for it elsewhere.

Opt Massage, Oldtown, Courtesy of Yelp Reviewer Mike S.
Here's my experience during a recent trip (thanks to the thoughtfulness of my sis-in-law!):

  • The location was very convenient--it was within minutes walking from King Street Metro.
  • I was greeted by two employees when I arrived, one happened to be the owner and my masseuse (which I soon found out). It was a cordial greeting; don't expect ooze and forced smiles.
  • The interior was clean, nice, but nothing over the top. It was dimly lit and there were a few massage chairs out in the open behind the reception area. These were set up for clothed massages, obviously, like for your feet!
  • There were a few private rooms behind these chairs, which I had my massage in. But be aware that the doors are glass and only half of the door panel is etch-a-sketched for semi privacy.
  • If you get the owner, don't expect to have a full-on convo or a lot of niceties (language barrier) but do expect to get a solid massage. Be prepared to be annoyed when he stops to peek out of the room to see if his partner is up front greeting customers (a chime comes on when someone opens the front door).
  • When the time clock buzzes indicating time is up, it's UP. 
Online reviewers generally give this place good reviews. So, if you want a solid massage and to skip all the frills that come with the price of a Spa, give Opt Massage a try!

If being tenderized by a stranger's hands isn't your thing

Looking for a laid back spot to tip a few back with your friends after a day at the Farm? Head over to the Black Rooster Pub (1919 L Street NW) and grab a table outside while the weather is nice. 

The Rooster has been around before some on you were even born and has been dubbed the Cheers bar of DC by local fans.

The Rooster boasts an extensive line of Irish whiskeys, scotches, vodkas and other quality spirits. The Rooster also offers good pub eats and runs daily/nightly specials. If you’re in the mood tonight, go for their Guinness Steak.

It's open until 2 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, and until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

And don't miss out on happy hour--the Rooster's generously lasts until 8 p.m.! Cheers!

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  1. I like being tenderized by strangers' hands! And how nice to be able to go to a friendly bar after a hard day's work.