Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Seriously, are you back this time?

Ok, I kinda suck. I know I said I would keep this blog alive but obviously I've been under a rock since my last post. Thanks to my friend P for reminding that I need to post. After all, I did start this blog to remind myself that's there is life outside of work, aka the Cube Farm.

So, today is May Day! And all around the Northern Hemisphere, people are celebrating--some formally with festivals and carnivals to ring in spring--and others with organized activities for political reasons. For me, May Day = May Day Baskets. As a kid I used to make them out of paper and fill them with flowers that I picked (no doubt right off the ground form our neighbor's yard) and leave them (secretly) on doorsteps. Nowadays, I'm not sure what kids do--leaving things on anyone's doorway and running seems to me a sure way to get a BB gun pellet in your back. Ouch! I guess if I could choose my May Day celebration now, it would be in Hawaii where they celebrate Lei Day. Yes, thank you for the lei and mai tai!

May Day is just one reason to celebrate. There are plenty of others--just a few to get you started on your May planning:
And if a day just isn't enough, how about these monthly observances?

There's still time to catch Yoga on the National Mall!

Go! Live! Outside. The. Cube. Farm!

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