Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Let's Get Testicle, Testicle... At the Testy Fest!

I lived in Colorado for nearly eight years and I sadly I admit that I only remember one occasion--albeit a little fuzzy memory--when I ate a Rocky Mountain Oyster. This special oyster is not really an oyster at all but little morsels of fried bull's testicles. (They're also known as Prairie Eggs and Cowboy Caviar.) Rocky Mountain Oysters are not uncommon in Colorado or states out West but here in the Mid-Atlantic, its popularity is most likely only among those who know what they are or self-proclaimed adventurous foodies.

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You Ask, "Where Can I Get a Mouthful?"

You're in luck if you're in the DC metro area this weekend! You can eat all the bull's balls as you want at this Saturday's 8th Annual Testicle Festival, hosted by the Montana State Society. Your admission includes unlimited testy treats AND unlimited beer and whiskey. It's seriously a great Life Outside the Cube Farm experience!

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