Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hello World! How are you? It feels great to say HELLO again and I'm looking forward to keeping this blog alive! So, for the first post in like a gazillion years, I'd like to give you an assignment: Do ONE thing that makes you happy today!

Why? Because in my 15 minute walk outside the Cube Farm, I came across a few guys who probably had a hundred more reasons to be unhappy than most of us but they weren't. Isn't there a saying like this "happiness is infectious"?...if so, I guess I caught a bit of it from them!

AND, did you know it's the United Nations International Day of Happiness? Yep, it is! Check out the Day of Happiness website for all sorts of ways to add a little more happy into your life and how to give happiness back!


So GO, take action. And what act of happiness will you do?

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