Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Which Side of the Foil to Use and Something Else That's on My Mind

Foil: Shiny or Dull Side?

As I was unwrapping my lunch burrito from its coil cocoon, I had a flashback to the time when someone told me that you should use the dull side of foil to wrap food. I wasn't sure exactly why (something to do with one side being untreated?) so I had to find out if that was true. So, shiny or dull side?

First, let's understand why there is a difference: During manufacturing, one side comes in contact with the rollers and becomes shiny. Some believe the shiny side deflects heat differently but technically, both sides are OK to use but there are always the skeptics. So, what was the result of a temperature test on baked manicotti using both sides? The same temperature no matter which side was used!

The bottom line: The shiny and dull sides of aluminum foil insulate and conduct heat at the same rate. And either side is OK to use.


Skirt Slits: Please Open It

One of my pet peeves is seeing women (and some men) who do not know that you are suppose to open up the slit in new skirt or jacket!

You know, the slit in the back, at the bottom of that new skirt or jacket, where two edges are sewn together, and sometimes looks like an "X" boxed in? Yes, yes, that part. Please remove that so you don’t walk around with what appears to be a large slit-shaped hole. Whew, isn't' that better?

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