Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Monday: Ways to Reduce Stress

Ways to reduce stress naturally: 

1. Stress spot: The brain
The fix: Don't be so damned conscientious.
Bonus instant feel-good fix: Swear. 

2. Stress spot: The neck, head and back
The fix: Create a three-legged life. 

3. Stress spot: The hair
The fix: Focus on somebody besides numero uno. 

4. Stress spot: The sympathetic nervous system
The fix: Twist yourself into a pretzel and laugh. 

5. Stress spot: The gut
The fix: Give yourself a hand.

6. Stress spot: Your DNA
The fix: Meditate. 

7. Stress spot: Your sex life
The fix: Unleash the oxytocin. 

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