Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm back! Let's focus on happy stuff!

Hello World! Yes, yes, I've been on a little hiatus and apologize for not peppering you with good cheer and trivial info! But, as I was reading the news today, I made up my mind to stop the toxic ingestion of bad and sad news, AND once again get back to reporting something other than this crap I've been reading!

Photo Bomb!

Haha! Too cute! Which friend would you Facebook-tag as this funny husky?

Want more funny animal photo bombs? Click here.

Finally, You Can Seal Your Fart in a Love Letter

Fart By Mail lets you send your friends or enemies stinky greetings that actually smell like real poo. Holiday shopping: Done!

College Drop Out With Head Injury Becomes Math Genius, Artist

Jason Padgett has done some cool stuff!

Source: Jason Padgett

Upcoming Holiday Parties: Be Prepared For That Nasty Hangover

Bytox, makers of the hangover-fighting patch, offers a holiday special: 100 patches for $249. Hmmm...stocking stuffers?

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