Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Monday, Oct. 1: holidays and a bunch of things to do!

Happy Monday and welcome first day of October! October is an awesome month: fall sports, cool temps, colorful leaves, and lots of things to celebrate. If you need an excuse for one, here are some special days in October to remember:

  • Oct. 8: Columbus Day (some lucky ones get the day off!) If you live in Japan, it’s also National Sports and Health Day. 私は日本の食べ物が大好き!
  • Oct. 12: National Holiday for Argentina, Belgium, and Spain
  • Oct. 16: National Boss Day (If you don’t like your boss, I suggest you celebrate YOU. After all, aren't YOU the boss of YOU? Cheers!)
  • Oct. 22: National Holiday for New Zealand. Cheers, mate!
  • Oct. 26: United Nations Day
  • Oct. 31: Halloween!

Photo: Mickey Pullen
October also is a busy time for harvest and festivals--there's everything from pumpkin throwing to pie eating contests to wine stompin'. Get out there, eat pie, drink pumpkin beer, pick your own apples, sip a glass of local vino, and enjoy it!

 By the way, there’s only 91 days left in 2012!

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  1. Thank you for reminding me how awesome the month of October is. Must find a local apple orchard and pick some apples with the little family.

    And hey, it's National Boss Day! Must do something special for myself...